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CPI falls, Fed likely done raising

  What does the recent CPI fall  mean for mortgage rates and real estate prices?   A broad slowdown in inflation continued in October, likely ending the Federal Reserve’s historic interest rate increases. The slowdown came below most median estimates…

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Wall street will not bail out the housing market

Fed raises rates 2200% The floor on housing prices drops The real estate party cannot go on forever.  We are in a goldilocks scenario where prices are staying high even in the face of doubling mortgage rates.  Unfortunately, eventually the…

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Jury finds realtors conspired to keep commissions high

A federal jury on Tuesday found the National Association of Realtors and large residential brokerages liable for about $1.8 billion in damages after determining they conspired to keep commissions for home sales artificially high.  Two major real estate companies have…

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Interest Rates

Fed has lost control of interest rates

Housing industry urges Fed to stop raising rates, does it even matter? Top real estate and banking officials are calling on the Federal Reserve to stop raising interest rates as the industry suffers through surging housing costs and a “historic…

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Job gains shatter expectation; impact on real estate

The economists forecasting the jobs data missed big time, with the recent jobs report almost double their predictions.  Why is job growth still surging while interest rates hit 20 year highs.  What does this mean for future interest rate increases? …

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Student Loans

How will student loan restart impact real estate

As part of a debt-ceiling agreement forged by President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, monthly student loan bills will resume September first.  What does the restarting of student loans mean for real estate, interest rates, and the overall…

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