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Hard Money: A quick guide for Hard Money Borrowers

Are you a direct borrower looking for honest answers about a private loan or a hard money loan?

Are you confused about the process to obtain a hard money loan?

Do you need information on what a hard money loan/ private loan is and when it is appropriate to use?

Fairview has the answers.

Fairview is able to fund loans direct from borrowers on both residential (only investment properties) and commercial properties.

Fairview is recognized as the leader in hard money / private lending and has been featured in various industry publications as an expert on private lending topics. These publications include: The Mortgage Press, the Colorado Real Estate Journal, the Niche Report, The Scotsman’s mortgage guide, The Denver Post, Mortgage Professional America and various others.   At Fairview, we believe educating the borrower and broker about hard money lending is key to ensure a smooth closing process.  To aid a borrower interested in learning more about hard money lending/private lending we have created hundreds of original articles, guides, and blogs solely focused on hard money lending and private lending.

Fairview is not a broker; we are a direct lender and can fund your transaction. There are no upfront fees for Fairview to evaluate a transaction. We lend our own funds and service our own loans. When you call us or send in an application you talk directly to the underwriter. You will receive an honest answer quickly regarding your prospective transaction. Below are just a few of the resources created by Fairview to assist the hard money borrower with all of their questions about hard money loans.

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