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Fairview Commercial Lending is a hard money real estate lender

These Hard Money Lending Resources were created by Fairview Lending to assist both the Hard Money borrower and the Hard Money mortgage broker. Fairview is recognized within the industry as the expert on hard money lending and private lending. These resources are original content created by Fairview to help educate others about Hard Money Lending and Private Lending. These resources are critical reading for anyone considering a hard money loan or a private loan.


Hard Money Articles

Fairview Commercial Lending executives have been featured in the leading mortgage publications within the industry focusing on hard money lending, Private Lending, and Alternative Financing. The publications include the Scotsman’s Guide, The Mortgage Press, The Niche report, and the Colorado Real Estate Journal. The executives at Fairview Lending have also been featured as speakers at various industry events include the Mortgage Brokers Forum. Fairview Lending and its executives are widely recognized within the industry as experts on hard money lending & Private lending.

The Scotsman’s Guide is a national publication focused primarily on no-prime mortgages (Hard Money, Private Loans, Stated Loans, etc….).

Below is a list of the articles that have been featured in the Scotsman’s Guide:

The Mortgage Press has affiliations with state mortgage broker associations and publishes a magazine for each separate mortgage broker association. Below is a list of articles that have been featured in the mortgage press:

The Niche Report is a highly targeted mortgage finance trade magazine nationally circulated every month to 20,000 (with a reach of over 50,000) licensed mortgage brokers, loan officers and mortgage professionals. It specializes in non-prime mortgages including Hard Money, Private Lending, and Stated Lending programs.

The Colorado Real Estate Journal: A publication targeting the commercial real estate community both in Denver and throughout Colorado

Speaking engagements:

Hard Money Made Easy
Fairview Commercial Lending was asked to speak at the Mortgage Brokers Forum ( in Las Vegas. Fairview Lending is regarded within the industry as one of the leaders in hard money lending & Private Lending.The presentation was created and presented by Glen Weinberg the COO/principal of Fairview Lending.

Click here to view the Commercial Hard Money Made Easy Las Vegas presentation


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  • Denver Hard Money and Colorado Hard money blog:

Hard Money sites for additional information on Hard Money Lending & Private Lending:

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