Private hard money lender closings

Fairview Lending ( is the leader in private lending in Colorado, Georgia and Illinois.  We strictly lend our own money and there are never any upfront fees.  We have recently updated a list of some of our recent hard money…

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TICs: Tenant in Common risks and rewards

TIC-tenant in common There have been many articles recently on TICs.  First, what is a tenant in common (TIC)?  A TIC is a tax structure that allows investors to pool their funds with other investors to purchase real estate.  For…

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Hard Money Lawsuits

As I’ve mentioned in several articles on our Hard Money Commercial Lending Resources Page, there are a number of items that brokers/borrowers need to be mindful of before engaging in a commercial lending transaction. The number one tip is: Be wary of large upfront fees. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal further highlighted this advice. The article titled: U.S., States probe real estate loan broker ( 6/25/08 p:A3) discusses how “the advance fee plan has cost borrowers millions”. This article highlights an all too common problem within the commercial lending arena.

Two firms are being probed by the FBI and SEC (Bluestone Capital and Remington Financial Group). The California department of corporations is also investigating Landbridge equity. These firms are accused of taking large upfront fees with the intention of “not seriously pursuing financing”. Unfortunately a substantial number of borrowers have likely lost millions as a result of the “advance fee” plan that these three companies have utilized.

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