Is inflation really coming down?

We have heard a ton of good news recently regarding inflation.  Inflation has come down dramatically from its peak and the market is pricing in almost a 100% probability of an elusive soft landing.   Is inflation really coming down as…

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CPI falls, Fed likely done raising

  What does the recent CPI fall  mean for mortgage rates and real estate prices?   A broad slowdown in inflation continued in October, likely ending the Federal Reserve’s historic interest rate increases. The slowdown came below most median estimates…

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Interest Rates

Fed has lost control of interest rates

Housing industry urges Fed to stop raising rates, does it even matter? Top real estate and banking officials are calling on the Federal Reserve to stop raising interest rates as the industry suffers through surging housing costs and a “historic…

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Ibuyers get crushed, Opendoor plunges

“Our model really works in upmarkets, it's going to work in flat markets, it's going to work in downmarkets,” chief financial officer Carrie Wheeler told analysts just 6 short months ago.  Unfortunately today this statement could not be further from…

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