No Inspection/Appraisal fees extended through April

Due to the overwhelming success of our no Appraisal/Inspection fee initiative in March, Fairview has extended the offer through April in Denver and the Atlanta Metro Area.  During the month of April, there are no inspection/appraisal fees on any Denver Hard Money or Atlanta Hard Money transactions.  Details on our Denver Hard Money transactions can be found at and for Atlanta Hard Money .


Fairview is a direct lender funding hard money loans in both Atlanta, Denver and throughout Colorado.  We can fund both non-owner single family homes as well as commercial.  We have funded hundreds of Atlanta hard money transactions and Denver Hard Money transactions.  We look forward to funding your next hard money transaction.  Call us today for Atlanta Hard Money: (404) 475 5869 or for Denver hard money and Colorado Hard Money (303) 459 6061 to discuss your transaction directly with the lender.  We have offices in both Denver and Atlanta to support all of your hard money needs in Denver and Atlanta.

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