Chicago Hard Money: Recent Transactions

Fairview is still lending on all of your Chicago Hard Money loans.  Below are some recently funded Chicago Hard money transactions.

1)      Lyons Hard Money: Light Industrial

·         Borrower owned property free and clear

·         Borrower needed quick cash for working capital

·         Borrower self employed and needed to tap equity in property

2)      Batavia hard money Light Industrial

·         Borrower needed cash quick

·         Borrower self employed and lived out of state

·         Borrower’s credit below 550

3)      Countryside hard money warehouse

·         Borrower’s business not operating to fullest potential

·         Borrower had a free standing commercial property that his business occupied

·         Borrower’s credit  impaired and borrower had a number of outstanding credit card bills that needed to be resolved



Fairview is a direct lender funding hard money loans in both Chicago and throughout the Chicago metro area.  We can fund commercial properties both in Chicago and throughout the suburbs of Chicago.  We have funded hundreds of Chicago hard money transactions and look forward to funding your next Chicago hard money transaction.  We are experts in the various markets and submarkets throughout the Chicago metro area including, Oak Park, Oak Brook, Lyons, Batavia, Countryside and everywhere in between.  We are experts in Chicago hard money and look forward to handling all of your Chicago Hard money needs.  Call us today at 303.459.6061 to discuss your Chicago hard money transaction.  Also please visit: for more details on our programs.

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