5 tips increase real estate brand

Happy fall to everyone. As a real estate professional, increasing your personal brand, whether as a small business owner or a realtor differentiating yourself in a large company is the key to success. As a partner in Fairview, I struggle like many of you as to how to increase the awareness of our company and unique product (hard money) in a crowded field.

The number one way to increase your brand and ultimately your revenue is to ensure you are found by your clients among all the leaves that look very similar. On our quest to increase our fairview brand with various service providers, we’ve had more than enough fun J. There is the old saying that you learn best lessons in life after getting kicked where the sun don’t shine (figuratively that is!) a couple times.

As a result of these lessons, I wanted to share Five Quick Tips (I wrote this article for site pro news) to help other small business owners increase their brand and ultimately their profitability.

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One of the biggest decisions a small business owner can make is selecting the right service provider for search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization, in my opinion is the No. 1 way to ensure your business is “found” on the Web. Furthermore, not having a good SEO can damage your brand and reduce your business

I am a small business owner and not an SEO provider but, rather, a consumer of SEO services. As any small business owner I routinely struggle with how to make sure our company stands out from the competition and is found by our customers on a limited budget. My company (Fairview Lending) focuses on a very unique financial product (private real estate lending/hard money lending) which makes the task all the more challenging.

We constantly struggle with how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors and attract the right leads. In our industry, there are many bigger players with much more money and time to spend on ensuring they are found on various search engines, meaning they rank higher. Managing this task is one of the biggest struggles both I and many small business owners face.

Through our quest to optimize our SEO I’ve enlisted all sorts of professionals from large national shops, to regional players, to one-man bands and, throughout this process, I’ve made a number of discoveries. There is the old saying that you learn best lessons in life after getting kicked where the sun don’t shine (figuratively that is!) a couple times. These lessons force you to quickly adapt your strategy and improve. For example, with a number of our SEO providers, we’ve wasted a ton of money on wild goose chases that ultimately did nothing other than suck our marketing budget dry.

As a result of these lessons, I wanted to share some quick tips to help other business owners select the appropriate partner to ensure not only that their company is found, but that the appropriate people find them and ultimately become clients.


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Written by Glen Weinberg, COO/ VP Fairview Commercial Lending. Fairview is a hard money lender specializing in private money loans / non-bank real estate loans in Georgia, Colorado, Illinois, and Florida. They are recognized in the industry as the leader in hard money lending with no upfront fees or any other games. Learn more about Hard Money Lending through our free Hard Money Guide.