Hard money fast

Close before the holidays


With fall in the air the holiday season will be upon us soon. Fortunately Fairview is able to close your transaction well before the holidays. We can typically close in as little as 5-10 days.

How can Fairview close so quickly? We are privately funded and hold and service all of our own transactions. We do not require appraisals and underwrite everything in house. This allows us to ensure a smooth and quick closing.

Where is Fairview Lending? We are currently focusing on commercial properties and residential investment properties in Georgia, Colorado, Florida, and Illinois (in IL we are focusing on commercial properties in Chicago metro)

How do I get started? All we need is our quick one page application. We do not require any upfront fees or due diligence fees.

Want to learn more? See our free Hard Money 101 Guide.

  What our clients are saying

  • Glen at Fairview is a hard money lender who can get the deal done! He comes through in situation where it seem opportunities are limited. He works hard and is extremely knowledgeable in this market and industry. I highly recommend him!”

Reid T. Realtor Denver, CO

  • I will DEFINITELY use you guys next time.  This was such an easy, nice experience – something rarely ever said when describing obtaining a loan

Byron H., Attorney Atlanta, GA  


Written by Glen Weinberg, COO/ VP Fairview Commercial Lending. Fairview is a hard money lender specializing in private money loans / non-bank real estate loans in Georgia, Colorado, Illinois, and Florida. They are recognized in the industry as the leader in hard money lending with no upfront fees or any other games. Learn more about Hard Money Lending through our free Hard Money Guide.