Fairview is pleased to announce the creation of two new blogs focusing on hard Money.  The first blog is focused on Denver Hard money and Colorado Hard Money (www.cohardmoney.com) and the second blog is focused on Atlanta hard money (www.georgiahardmoney.com).  These two blogs will focus on their respective markets.  Fairview has offices in both Denver and Atlanta and can close hard money loans in both locations.

                Fairview is a direct Denver hard money lender and a direct Atlanta hard money lender.  All we do is hard money lending and can close loans quick.  There are never any appraisals or BS fees that other lenders charge.  You can call us directly and actually speak to a decision maker today.  In Colorado please call 303.459.6061 and in Atlanta 404.475.5869 or e-mail us at info@fairviewlending.com.

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