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With the legalization of recreational marijuana and continuing growth in marijuana, a new gold rush is on both in Colorado and throughout the country. Many newcomers are entering the industry hoping to strike it rich. Investment dollars are flowing to finance these new ventures. The demand for legal marijuana products is growing exponentially. So what does this mean for Colorado and other states that have recently passed laws for recreational or medical marijuana?

The Marijuana industry is creating a mini gold rush in many states (most notably Colorado and Washington that recently passed recreational marijuana laws).  This fast growing industry is altering the real estate landscape.  I recently published an article in the Colorado Real Estate Journal titled: “Is real estate getting high on marijuana?”  In the attached article, I analyzed prices buyers are paying for real estate verse what a normal market price should be for real estate.  This is a must read for anyone involved in commercial real estate.

By Glen Weinberg

COO/Partner Fairview Commercial Lending

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