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Does Size Really Matter ? I’m sure everyone has gotten various e-mails trying to help address the question of size with various remedies. Fortunately in this e-mail I’m going to focus on a more mundane topic; does the size of a hard money lender matter? Just like the mountains above, lenders come in all shapes and sizes. I recently closed two transactions as a result of borrowers selecting the wrong lenders. As a result I wrote an article addressing many commonly asked questions such as: Is a small lender better than a large lender? How do you choose the right size lender for your particular situation? Read More
As mentioned in president Obama’s speech last week. Colorado is “an experiment in Marijuana legalization” and the first state to allow both medical and recreational sales. Colorado will be an example for the rest of the country. What does marijuana mean for real estate values? Does marijuana even impact real estate? See full article in the Colorado Real Estate Journal
After the recent financial meltdown, it seems like every week there is a new regulation coming down the pipe. The newest mortgage regulations that will impact all borrowers is the qualified mortgage that is part of the larger Dodd-Frank legislation. What is a qualified mortgage? What does this law mean for you as a broker, realtor, or borrower? Read More
Winter is finally upon us. The east coast has gotten a healthy dose of snow and ice recently. I have friends in Chicago that have gotten so much snow, they have used bobcats to begin stacking it in their parking lots. Many folks have complained about runs on ice melt and other items to prevent slips and falls. I have had my fair share of falls on ice and they definitely hurt. If there is no ice melt (ice slicer, etc…) what are some quick alternatives?
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