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Hard Money Lenders

Fairview Commercial lending is the leader amongst hard money lenders. Most private money lenders operate vastly different than Fairview. Fairview prides itself on its unique approach to hard money commercial lending. As other hard money lenders come and go, Fairview has remained true to its mission of providing hard money loans to borrowers in need of quick financing on commercial real estate.

Learn the truth about hard money lending and ways to protect yourself and your client. Below is a list of topics to help borrowers and brokers navigate the maze of hard money lenders.

How to get a Hard Money Loan

Before engaging a hard money lender, make sure you understand the typical process to get a hard money loan as well as the criteria required to submit an application to hard money lenders.

What is the total cost of a hard money loan?

After understanding the basics of hard money lending, it is important to explore the details of the transaction. For example one needs to understand the total cost of a loan, how hard money loans differ from other loan products and where to find answers to frequently asked questions.

What do I need to know before getting a hard money loan?

Finally, it is important to note that not all hard money lenders operate similarly. Hard money lenders are not typically heavily regulated and have quite a bit of freedom in how they conduct their operations. Below is a list of resources to ensure that you are not taken by an unscrupulous hard money lender.

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