Fairview Commercial Lending is pleases to announce the creation of a stand-alone commercial servicing organization (www.fairviewservicing.com) .

Commercial Loan Servicing

Fairview (fairviewlending.com) has established a stand-alone commercial loan servicing entity.  Fairview Loan Servicing (www.fairviewservicing.com) specializes in servicing non-performing, delinquent and/or distressed commercial real estate loans.  Fairview currently services commercial loans throughout the country both for its own portfolio as well as the portfolios of life insurance companies, financial institutions, hard money lenders and other organizations.

Fairview Commercial Loan servicing has the hands on experience that is unrivaled in today’s tumultuous market.   Fairview is different from other commercial loan servicing organizations.  They not only service loans, but also own and manage properties throughout the country.  They are a one stop shop for your commercial real estate servicing needs. Call Fairview Commercial Loan Servicing to see how they can help service your complex commercial portfolios. 

Why choose Fairview for your commercial loan servicing needs?

n  Much more nimble than large servicing organization.  For example, we have the ability to control the cash flow on income properties before most banks would even begin default proceedings.

n    More cost effective to outsource than trying to internally build infrastructure to handle defaulted commercial loans

n   Proven hands on servicing experience that is unrivaled in the current lending environment

n  Have the capability to not only service loans, but also stabilize properties before selling them

n   National footprint with established contacts that are effective in handling defaults (attorneys, realtors, contractors, etc…)

n   Well established trained servicing organization already in place and ready to hit the ground running on files

Typical Clients:

  • Hedge funds that recently acquired a loan pool and need someone to hit the ground running or the hedge fund has seen a spike in their defaults and need assistance handling the increased volume
  • Private Investors/Hard Money lenders that need assistance working through issues within their portfolio
  • Small banks that have a small number of commercial defaults and find that it is more cost effective and efficient to outsource the servicing of these loans as opposed to hiring employees with the necessary experience

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