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August 20, 2013
   As kids begin school this week (or last week), Fall is definitely in the air and the flakes will be flying at lower elevations soon (hard to imagine as the thermometer hit 98 in Denver yesterday).  Below is a picture I took in Telluride, CO of the first snow of the season. Telluride private lenderLoan Process:

  1. Fill out our quick one page loan application
  2. We will respond to your request within 24 hours
  3. Loan commitment is issued
  4. Property is inspected by Fairview (no charge)
  5. Title is pulled
  6. Transaction closes and funds the same day (entire process takes 5-10 days from start to funding, can be sooner depending on circumstances)
Fairview Commercial LendingGlen Weinberg303.459.6061Glen@Fairviewlending.comwww.COHardMoney.comQuick One Page

Why choose Fairview for your Colorado loans:


Fairview is different than other private/hard money lenders in town.  We are direct lenders with ample capital that underwrite, fund, and service all the loans we make.  This allows us to make decisions quickly and fund loans in 5-10 days.  Since we are a direct lender we have the ability to structure loans to fit the unique needs of each borrower with loan terms as long as 5 years with no prepayment penalties.

Loan Parameters:

  1. Properties: Commercial and residential (investment properties only)
  2. Area: We are able to lend throughout the state of Colorado (also: GA, IL, and TN)
  3. Appraisals/Upfront fees: None: we are direct lenders and evaluate every deal in house
  4. Time to close: On average we can close loans in 5-10 days depending on location, etc…
  5. Loan Term: 1-5 years
  6. Prepayment penalties: None
  7. LTV: max 60%
  8. Credit Score Minimum: None, we lend on the value of the property
  9. One page loan application


Is Zillow Accurate?

 Is zillow wrong I’m commonly asked how do I value a residential or commercial property and further do I use Zillow in my analysis.  Zillow like many other valuation methods is questionable on its accuracy (see my blog to read about other valuation methods, assessed value, replacement cost, etc….) I was curious to do a little experiment in Colorado to see how closely Zillow matched the true market value.

First Zillow (trulia/, etc… use similar methodology) has a proprietary algorithm that estimates the present market value of a property.  Zillow calculates this by comparing the subject property to similar properties in a close radius to the subject property.  On paper, this sounds very plausible and theoretically should give an accurate assessment on value.  How does Zillow work in real life situations?

Wildfire Season: Are you prepared

 Are you properly insured for a wildfire Earlier this year I sent out an article regarding the steps that every homeowner needs to take now in order to prepare for a wildfire.  I thought it would be good to send this article out again as first rage across the West (Idaho, Oregon, Montana, etc…).  Just yesterday there was a small wildfire just west of Golden in Jefferson County.

It is important for each homeowner to take action now.  Simple steps could save you and your family’s lives.  See the list of items and steps that should be taken:

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