I commonly receive e-mails from other hard money lenders about their products and recent closings.  Many of the e-mails I receive are a bit misleading.  On Tuesday I received an e-mail from a “lender” based in the Midwest.  This group showed a number of recent closings and stated they were a direct lender.  Two days later I received a call from a principle at the same company asking if I was interested in investing with them.  Long and short, these folks were actually brokers table funding deals and or brokering them to other real lenders.  I found this realization fascinating since the average consumer would not know that they are dealing with a broker as opposed to a direct hard money lender.

Fairview is a direct hard money lender.  We lend our own money, underwrite all deals in house, fund the loan, and then service the loan.  There is no mystery with us since we are one of the most well known hard money lenders.

To see some of our recent closings please visit: fairviewlending.com

For Colorado Hard Money: www.cohardmoney.com

For Atlanta Hard Money: www.Georgiahardmoney.com

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