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Have you heard this term recently? As a result of the mortgage meltdown from a few years back, the market continues to be in a state of flux with rules changing on a daily basis. I wrote the below article to focus on the changes facing the mortgage industry, but the same strategies are applicable in many industries.

Every day a headline story is published stating that another lender has gone out of business and/or is no longer offering certain products. Each time you try to place a loan it seems like the products are changing constantly, commitments are being rescinded by lenders, and closings are substantially down. With events like this, many wonder how or if they can even weather the storm.

Unfortunately, most will not be able to weather the storm without being proactive. Those that can will emerge stronger.

Read the full article to learn:

  • Proven strategies to accommodate today’s changing markets
  • How to harness the change to increase your odds of success

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