Do you know your loan broker?


There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal ( ) regarding mortgage brokers / Loan arrangers.  In this article the author discussed a drastic rise in the fees that borrowers were being taken for without actually getting a loan.  Within the lending industry this is a huge problem where a handful or lenders, brokers, loan arrangers, etc… promise the moon to folks and take their money without producing results.

Fortunately Fairview is different.  Fairview is a direct hard money lender that funds its own loans, underwrites its own loans, and services the closed loan.  There are no upfront fees for Fairview to evaluate a loan and let the borrower/broker know whether the transaction will fit into our hard money lending guidelines.

As a borrower, how do you protect yourself?  First Google the broker/loan arranger/lender to see what comes up (i.e. lawsuits, negative postings, etc…).  Second, call the lender directly to ask about their programs.  Finally, if a transaction smells to good (borrower has a 500 credit and is promised a 3% interest rate) then it likely is too good to be true.


Fairview Commercial Lending is a direct hard money / private money lender.  We have offices in Georgia ( as well as in Colorado (  We never charge any upfront fees and guarantee an honest answer quickly.  Fairview also services loans for both our own portfolio and others ( and can be reached at 404.634.1270 or

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