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  1. Complete our 1 page submission form
  2. Fairview underwrites the deal in-house
  3. A preliminary commitment is typically issued within 24 hours
  4. One of the Fairview partners inspects the property ( no upfront fee for inspection/due diligence)
  5. Final commitment is issued; and transaction ready for closing
  6. Title search and Environmental (Phase 1 if required dependent on property type) are performed
  7. Deal closes and funds the same day. The whole process typically takes 5-10 days or less

Fairview is a direct portfolio lender that funds, holds, and services all our loans. Our experience allows us to quickly understand the value of a property, structure a loan commitment to fit the unique situation and fund the loan very quickly.  If a transaction is not going to work, we let you know promptly without wasting time or money.

Contact us today to learn how our innovative product can help you and your clients get challenging loans closed quickly without the red tape of a traditional lender and no upfront fees. The secret to non-traditional lending (hard money lending, bridge lending, private lending) is just a phone call (866) 634-1270 or an e-mail away

Contact us at (866) 634-1270.

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