Fairview Lending (fairviewlending.com) has three upcoming articles in major publications focused on Hard Money Lending.

  1. Hard Money: The new paradigm: This will discuss the changes in hard money underwriting, what hard money deals are funding, and how to get a hard money deal closed in today’s economy.  This will appear in the February addition of the Scotsman’s guide (www.scotsmanguide.com)
  2. The secrets of non-conventional lending: The article will focus on the requirements for non-conventional lenders; why borrowers need alternative financing, and the best use of hard money lending.  This  will appear in the January edition of the Colorado Real Estate Journal (www.crej.com)
  3. How to take an under performing property and turn it into a cash cow: This article will focus on the steps needed to take a dead property and increase its income quickly.  This article will be published in the February edition of the Colorado Real Estate Journal (www.crej.com)

Fairview is the recognized leader in hard money lending and has been published in countless national publications.  Fairview has created a hard money lending guide for borrowers/brokers and strives to educate others about hard money lending.  Fairview has also created two sister sites to focus on specific hard money lending markets.

Colorado hard money lending blog: www.cohardmoney.com

Georgia hard money lending blog: www.georgiahardmoney.com

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