Fairview is pleased to announce that it has recently closed a number of hard money loans in both Atlanta and Denver.  These closings were both on non owner occupied residential properties.  Banks and other hard money lenders have left a void in the private lending arena.  Many borrowers need loans for longer than a year, but not a full 30 year fixed loan.  Fairview is able to fund hard money loans as long as 3 or 5 years to give borrowers ample time to sell the property and/or clean up their credit to enable them to transition into a conventional loan.  Fairview is different than other hard money lenders.  We are direct lenders and we do not charge up front inspection/due diligence fees.  Call Fairview: in Atlanta: 404..475.5869 or in Denver: 303..459.6061.

For details on our recent closings as well as the specific hard money loan parameters please visit:

For Atlanta hard money: www.georgiahardmoney.com

For Colorado and Denver hard money: www.cohardmoney.com

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