close before leaves fall


Close before the leaves hit the ground on residential(investment) and commercial properties

Happy Fall.  With other companies advertising they can close before the holidays, at Fairview we can do better and close before the leaves even fall.  Our average close time is only 5-10 days.   How can we close so quickly?

When you call Fairview you are talking to the actual decision makers; we are the money.  We are not brokers and hold and service all of our loans.  Since we are a private lender and not a bank, we are able to close without appraisals or upfront fees on both residential (investment properties) and commercial propertiesTo get started we just need a property address and some basic loan details (one page application).

Fairview is the premier private lender!  We have been lending since 1975 and have closed thousands of transactions in Georgia, Colorado, and Florida and have been featured as an expert in almost every major national mortgage publication. If you have a big deal or a small deal we can get you funded; here are a few examples.


Learn how Fairview can assist you and your clients to get your transaction funded quickly


How can Fairview close so quickly?  We are privately funded and hold and service all of our own transactions.  We do not require appraisals and underwrite everything in house.  This allows us to ensure a smooth and quick closing.

Where is Fairview Lending?  We are currently focusing on commercial properties and residential investment properties in Georgia, Colorado, Florida, and Illinois (in IL we are focusing on commercial properties in Chicago metro)

How do I get started?  All we need is our quick one page application.  We do not require any upfront fees or due diligence fees.

Want to learn more?  See our free Hard Money 101 Guide.

Recent Closing Examples

  • $800,000 Marijuana Warehouse Denver, CO
    1. Marijuana Related no conventional lenders available
    2. Fairview is a true portfolio lender so able to lend on marijuana related properties and properties that don’t quite fit the box of conventional lenders
  • $350,000 warehouse Marietta (Atlanta), GA
    1. Borrower had an IRS tax lien
    2. Needed fast closing to take care of the lien and clean up credit
  • 1,250,000.00 Investment Single Family/ nightly rentals WinterPark, CO
    1. Investment property borrower used for nightly rentals
    2. Banks wouldn’t count nightly rental income since inconsistent
    3. Borrower needed quick funding in order to pay off another lender and ultimately list the house for sale
  • 425,000 Investment single family Miami, Florida
    1. Investment rental house
    2. Borrower self-employed and on paper didn’t show enough income for traditional lending
  • See more closings


Written by Glen Weinberg, COO/ VP Fairview Commercial Lending.  Glen has been published as an expert in hard money lending, real estate valuation, financing, and various other real estate topics in the Colorado Real Estate Journal, the CO Biz Magazine, The Denver Post, The Scotsman mortgage broker guide, Mortgage Professional America and various other national publications.


Fairview is a hard money lender specializing in private money loans / non-bank real estate loans in Georgia, Colorado, Illinois, and Florida. They are recognized in the industry as the leader in hard money lending with no upfront fees or any other games. Learn more about Hard Money Lending through our free Hard Money Guide.  To get started on a loan all they need is their simple one page application (no upfront fees or other games).